OOAK Art Dolls Hand Sculpted by IGMA Artisan Patty Clark
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About Patty

Welcome!!! I am so happy that you have found my website and hope you are enjoying your visit here at the Nursery! I will be adding new work on a regular basis, so I hope you stop by often! Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I discovered this wonderful art form!

Birthplace and Childhood

I was born in Pittsburg, California to a Military father and stay at home mom. I have three sisters, two are older and one younger sister who happily shared in my love for dolls as I was growing up. Thank goodness I had someone to play with that was younger, it extended my doll playing for years!!

We had a very colorful life with my father in the Military. There were exciting moves that we made, to Texas and then later on all the way to Germany! My fondest childhood memories are of my time in Europe. My Czech mother has a gypsy soul and had us taking small excursions all over Europe. Italy in the summer months and Holland for the Tulip Festival in the Spring. A trip to King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria and to Lourdes, France too. After our European years we moved to Washington State where my father retired from the Military and became a Golf Pro. When the first snow arrived he decided we needed to be in California's sunshine!! So we all packed up and moved to California again where I have been ever since.

Early Influences

I have always been completely mad about dolls and babies. Every opportunity I had to view some darling little one in a stroller was a thrill. I would even cross streets if I noticed someone coming down the road with a baby to make sure that I got a close look at the baby and find out how old he or she was! Can you see how perfect it was for me to discover how to make my own little baby dolls? Who would have known!! Even though my daughter wasn't a doll lover she would receive one every Christmas just so I could have that familiar smell of a new doll around at the Holidays!!

Artistic Background

I am self-taught in the art of doll making. I was fortunate to have a very artistic family and my daughter and all of my friends are into some form of art. It helped always being surrounded by great creative energy and seeing really wonderful art, I am continually inspired by hand crafted treasures. About 5 years ago I bought a dollhouse at a garage sale for $3 that was in need of a complete make over. It was evident that it had spent many nights outside in the rain, and had been unoccupied for many moons. I saw an opportunity to jump into a creative project that really intrigued me so after taking some time to ponder how I could renovate this dwelling I dove in. I painted it and learned how to integrate the old dollhouse parts that were so pretty, with my new renovations. I was so pleased with how it came out, I created a prime spot in my living room where I could enjoy it all the time. That year I decorated it for Christmas and had small lights all over it. I covered the top of the table where it lived with winter snow and small trees with lights and was so amazed at how darling the little scene was! That really triggered a yearning for all things miniature. When I started making dolls I realized that with my love for babies and miniatures it was perfect for me to make the 1:12th scale dolls!! I would have gone crazy to have one of these little babies to play with when my sister and I in our younger years were making little dollhouse stories and playing.

My Journey into the Doll World

As I began shopping for miniatures for my new dollhouse, I was noticing all of the wonderful one-of-a-kind dolls on ebay when I discovered Julie Mansergh's fairies. They took my breath away and I felt a small electrical charge go through me and all I could say was "I want to do this!!" I waited for about 5 months before I even picked up any clay and spent all my time devouring any literature I could on doll making.

I knew I wanted to create, but what was it that I wanted to do? I happened upon an article in Miniature Collector from a 2002 issue and saw the work of Catherine Muniere and that was all it took for me to realize that I wanted to sculpt babies!! In the fall of 2003 I decided to have a try with the polymer clay that I had bought the prior month. My first doll had me melt. I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world! (it was so ugly, I had a very blind eye in those first few months, Thank Goodness , or I might not have gone on) I fell in love with every little baby that I made and with each one they started to look more and more normal!

It has become a passion for me and I am really striving toward continuing to improve my skills with each sculpt that I make to produce a doll that is as lifelike and realistic as I can make them. Every detail that you would see on the human body is there, all of the little creases and softness. Whether I am sculpting these little babies or dressing them I am always striving for perfection so the babies have an heirloom quality about them and can be enjoyed for years to come. All the babies range in sizes from 1" to 1 ¾" and the toddlers so far have been 2" to 2 ¼". I am really looking forward to seeing where my doll making will take me. Who knows…….maybe an adult might show up in my clay some day!!

Publications and Recognition

Doll Magazine Feb. 2006
Dollhouse and Miniature Scenes Sept 2007
Dollhouse Magazine Sept. 2007

I gained IGMA Artisan status in May 2007.

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